The tears he couln't put into words ... drip unto the battlefield.


The entire world exists for the sake of cornering you.
The entire world exists for the sake of cornering you.


don’t you dare try and talk some shit about makoto especially since this is the FIRST time he has ever expressed what he wanted for HIMSELF that angel has put literally every single person before himself and has never actually taken care of himself at all so don’t even start ya’ll are so selfish

"Come on, the adventure continues!"

freEEee! es :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I knew there’d be a naruto and sasuke fight /////// question is do I wanna read it


I’ve seen several posts drifting around about why Sousuke puts extra emphasis on the line, “Rin, your friend!” and I just wanted to clarify some things that might have been lost in translation.

I mentioned in another post that it’s because given the context, yes, the line translates to “Rin, your friend,” but what Sousuke was really saying was “Rin, with you" (Rin, omae to), and this speaks so much more to me since the Japanese language is all about subtleties and double meanings.

Sousuke is not only saying that he wants to become true friends with Rin, but he’s also saying that he wants to be WITH Rin. He’s also expressing the fact that he wants Rin by his side, and even if this is the last time they’ll be able to be together, to swim together, he still wants this because Rin means so much to him. He wants Rin to be a part of his life and he wants to be a part of Rin’s.

The way he delivers the line is so heartbreaking (kudos to Hosoyan and his beautiful voice) because it can be interpreted in several different ways, and Sousuke really just wants so much more that he thinks he will never be able to have, perhaps a future with Rin, a future where he will be on the same stage as Rin, a future where they could be together, even though he couldn’t be more wrong. 


...because I knew you would cry.


...because I knew you would cry.

"But please…Let me toss to you again, Asahi.”