❝…How come you never notice what’s important until it’s too late?

( 9/1 ) Happy birthday Seri![ Scan belongs to kimoi-group
( 9/1 ) Happy birthday Seri!
[ Scan belongs to kimoi-group


That’s right. As long as he’s with me, everything’s okay. And if I become steeped in evil, I’m sure the light will kill me!

episode 10 predictions
rin:  man sousuke... im so sad about what happened with haru... i just need a good shoulder to cry on..
sousuke:  yeah about that
All my life was dedicated to you.
What a beautiful life I lived.

You lift me up (The Afters) 

You know my heart is heavy and the hurt is deep,
but when I feel like giving up you’re reminding me that we all fall
down sometimes but when I hit the ground you lift me up (…)

I know I’m not perfect I know I make mistakes I know that
I have let you down but you love me the same and when I’m surrounded, when I lose my way when I’m crying out and
falling down you are here to Lift me up.