Madoka and Homura - THE REBELLION STORY

Because I finally remembered. All the times I repeated history, got hurt and suffered over and over. All of that was proof of my feelings for Madoka. So now, even pain is dear to me. It was not even curses that soiled my soul gem. Then what did? Something you have no chance of understanding, Incubator. It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More deeper than hope, far deeper than despair. Love.


              “As long as our friends are with us, we have nothing to fear! Even if we don’t have any magic power left, we won’t give up until the bitter end. That’s what it means to be in Fairy Tail!”


4.16 || Happy Birthday, Wakamatsu Kousuke

Sasha eating potatoes in the OVA

キセキの世代    ↳ 100 battles, 100 victories

    ↳ 100 battles, 100 victories